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Lake Charles Music has completed many installations
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Abundant Life Fellowship Church Tour

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Abundant Life Fellowship Church presented another unique set of challenges in the installation of an architectural sound system. Since every room is unique, the expert staff at Lake Charles Music customize the design and installation to fit the needs of the room, both asthetically and sonically!
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This church also broadcasts their services on live television, so the installation required quite a bit more in the way of audio processing equipment. Note how the components are grouped in the mounting racks, making for a neat installation.
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The floorplan of this installation required that we utilize a lift instead of scaffolding to reach the driver array mounting points. Quality, flexibility and adaptability are hallmarks of the Lake Charles Music Contracting Division's installations!
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It is said that a good architectural sound system should be heard and not seen. These kinds of sound systems can be installed into existing construction or designed into new structures and are a great way to please the ears without bruising the eyes!

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